24/7 Drug and Alcohol Testing Coverage

Since 1994, ODT has been helping companies implement cost saving drug and alcohol testing programs. Strategically located throughout New England, ODT has it covered. Learn more »

Mobile & Random Drug Testing

We have a fleet of mobile drug testing trucks ready to provide random and worksite service.  Our team is fully mobile and ready to keep you compliant without skipping a beat in productivity.

Man in lab coat managing drug testing program results from a tablet

Drug Test Administration Management

Our team is set up with the capability of managing a fully outsourced drug testing program. We customize our programs to meet all of the administrative needs or our clients, while maintaining compliance.

Workplace drug test Sample.

Collection & Submission of Samples for Testing

We have walk-in testing facilities, or on-site collection teams that can manage & administrate drug tests. These services are provided to be an extension of your drug testing program.

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April 16, 2018

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Industries With The Highest Rate of Drug Use

March 14, 2018

While anyone can be addicted to drugs and require drug testing, there are some industries which have a higher rate of drug use than others. Take a look at these industries which tend to have the highest usage rate.     Healthcare Due to the long hours required in healthcare, and the convenient access to … Continue reading Industries With The Highest Rate of Drug Use