Drug Testing Expertise

Implementing a Drug Testing Program

Most companies who want to start a drug and alcohol testing program have no clue where to start. We can help. An experienced sales consultant will start by learning more about you and your company and how a drug testing program can benefit you. At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping drugs and alcohol out of your workplace. There are dozens of options to try to meet that goal. We’ll work with you to determine which options work best in your situation.

DOT Drug Testing

The Department of Transportation drug and alcohol regulation (49 CFR Part 40) is very clear in what it expects of companies. What isn’t always clear is how to comply with those regulations in a way that doesn’t disrupt your day to day operations. That’s where we come in. We know and understand the regulations, and we learn about your business. Then we can implement a program that is customized, compliant, and cost effective. Contact us..

Non Federal Drug Testing

We’ve worked with companies in just about every industry. We know that state laws regarding drug testing vary. We know that your business has unique needs. Combining those factors allows us to design a program that’s right for your company.

Drug and Alcohol Collections

There’s alot more to collecting drug and alcohol specimens than peeing in a cup or breathing into a machine. Our trained associates ensure collections are done in a professional manner according to DOT specifications. Our entire collection staff goes through strict training and periodic re-training. We specialize in Mobile On-Site Drug Testing.

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