Are Random Drug Tests a Good Idea?

If you’ve been thinking about ways to improve your business and set a standard for employees, random drug testing might be a smart financial investment for you. Many are deterred from this form of Non-DOT drug testing for fear of hurting employee morale, but if you’re instincts are telling you drug testing might help solve some of your existing work problems, there are a number of benefits that might also weigh in favor of them.

Might help deter employees from drug or alcohol use. Though not all employees will follow your policies, having drug testing within your business can discourage employees from possible use in the future.

Increases safety in your workspace. When drugs and alcohol are left out of the workplace, you are ensuring the protection of your employees and customers. This can apply to both DOT and Non-DOT testing, no matter your field of work.

Minimizes liability. Preventing injuries or accidents related to inebriation lessens the liability your employees have on your business, for both reputation and injury. Not to mention, it also lowers health insurance costs.

Gives you the opportunity to get employees help. Sometimes, the only way we know our employees are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse is through drug testing. Identifying these problems as they arise can give you the chance to offer help to your employees through programs or rehabilitation.

Regardless of your reasoning for investing in random drug testing, Occupational Drug Testing understands. We know how important our businesses are to use, and what it means when we have responsible employees working under us. Protect your business and brand by getting in contact with us today at (800) 211-4469.

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