Benefits of Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile drug testing is becoming increasingly popular around the United States as a common business practice. Gone are the days where tracking and documenting your employees as they travel to and from a drug testing facility for many companies and industries because there are just so many benefits for mobile drug testing. Occupational Drug Testing offers full-service mobile drug testing, and we can think of a few reasons you might make the switch.

Convenience. Logistically, it can be a nightmare trying to coordinate times and dates for employees to visit a testing facility. Mobile testing allows for your employees to walk in and out of the worksite easily, complete testing, and return to their daily routine.

Accounts for more employees. Having a mobile facility come to your front door means a higher participation rate from your employees. This can help your business find results for employees who might have been avoiding drug testing.

Lowers liability. This can be especially important when it comes to post-accident drug testing.  It lessens the chance of additional accidents that could occur due to impaired judgement and also more closely follows federal regulations.

Lessens chance for compromise. Though it can be difficult to contaminate a drug test, this has happened in the past when employees are requested to visit a facility. Mobile drug testing allows for less drug testing tampering because don’t arrive when it is convenient for employees.

Whether you are in need of DOT or non DOT drug testing for your business, Occupational Drug Testing could be the perfect solution for you. With the immeasurable benefits, you can save you company time and resources, all while getting the peace of mind you need to continue providing quality services to your customers. With more questions about how ODT can help you, please call us today at (800) 211-4469.

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