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Industries With The Highest Rate of Drug Use
POSTED ON March 14, 2018 IN court drug testing probation drug testing

While anyone can be addicted to drugs and require drug testing, there are some industries which have a higher rate of drug use than others. Take a look at these industries which tend to have the highest usage rate.     Healthcare Due to the long hours required in healthcare, and the convenient access to … Continue reading Industries With The Highest Rate of Drug Use

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Senators Push for DOT Hair Drug Testing
POSTED ON June 14, 2017 IN Drug Testing Industry News

As a mobile drug testing company, Occupational Drug Testing keeps up with these petitions and amendments to ensure we are offering our clients the most updated drug testing services for their businesses.

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Prescription Painkillers Impacts on the Workplace
POSTED ON May 17, 2017 IN Employee Drug Testing

With the growing concern for opioids and addiction, we acknowledge these significant impacts prescription painkiller abuse has on the workplace.

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Truck Drivers and Hair Testing
POSTED ON April 17, 2017 IN Drug Testing Industry News

Occupational Drug Testing specializes in mobile drug testing services, but our amenities extend past post-accident testing and random drug testing. Companies and organizations across the country are looking for the most effective drug testing options available to keep both employees and pedestrians safe, especially in in the transportation industry.

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DOT to Add Synthetic Opioids to Testing
POSTED ON March 22, 2017 IN Drug Testing Industry News

At the end of January 2017, the US Department of Transportation proposed new rules in the Federal Register to modify its current DOT drug testing program to add hydrocodone, oxymorphone, oxycodone, and hydromorphone to its panel.

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