Blog Page Relocation: DISA Acquired ODT
POSTED ON May 22, 2019 IN Drug Testing Industry News

Occupational Drug Testing was acquired by DISA Global Solutions as of October 01, 2018. With acquisitions comes change, and we understand that often times those changes can be confusing. As we fully transition our website, you’ll notice some changes and we would like to keep you updated so you can have easy access to our … Continue reading Blog Page Relocation: DISA Acquired ODT

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Perks of Mobile Drug Testing

Across all industries is one common theme: safety. To be successful, you need to carefully follow all safety policies and procedures. Most importantly, this can prevent injury or accident for both your employees and customers. A big piece of this safety culture is a drug-free environment. Your staff needs to be focused and level-headed at … Continue reading Perks of Mobile Drug Testing

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Post-Accident Drug Testing Procedures
POSTED ON June 15, 2018 IN DOT drug testing

An accident of any kind is never good for business. In addition to potential injuries, accidents slow down productivity. This is especially true for truck drivers, where an accident can be potentially fatal and almost always involves non-employees. It’s important to review and understand US Department of Transportation (DOT) rules regarding post-accident drug testing and … Continue reading Post-Accident Drug Testing Procedures

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Four Things That You Avoid With Mobile Drug Testing

As time moves forward, plenty of inventions come to the forefront. They impact almost every industry, and drug testing is no exception. Now, Occupational Drug Testing offers mobile drug testing. It’s convenient, innovative, and makes life simpler for people who request it. If you haven’t considered it yet, think about the benefits it could bring … Continue reading Four Things That You Avoid With Mobile Drug Testing

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Ensure Employees Don’t Cheat Drug Tests
POSTED ON April 16, 2018 IN court drug testing probation drug testing

When drug testing your employees, you want to make sure they don’t cheat. How can you be sure your employees are drug-free? This quick guide gives you a few tips to avoid drug test cheating.       Don’t give your employees notice before a drug test. Providing notice eliminates the possibility of habitual users … Continue reading Ensure Employees Don’t Cheat Drug Tests

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