Ensure Employees Don’t Cheat Drug Tests

When drug testing your employees, you want to make sure they don’t cheat. How can you be sure your employees are drug-free? This quick guide gives you a few tips to avoid drug test cheating.




Don’t give your employees notice before a drug test.

Providing notice eliminates the possibility of habitual users stopping drug use for a few days just to pass the test. They’ll go right back to their regular habits after the test so that you will learn nothing. If you’re going to do a urine test, a few days without drug activity will be enough to eliminate traces of some drugs. Blood and hair tests can check further back, but could be more invasive. The best approach is to keep drug tests a surprise.



Make sure the tests get supervised.

The actual sample collection does not need to remain monitored, but it should get done in a private space outside of the employee’s home. A distant location prevents your employee from switching their sample with someone else’s. If a test requires direct supervision for any reason, ensure that the observer is of the same gender as the employee to make your employee more comfortable about their privacy.



Don’t place all your trust in pre-employment tests.

Drug problems can develop over time and may not be a problem when an employee starts but will be a problem later on. The best way to ensure you have a drug-free workplace is random tests for all current employees every few months.




You can also outsource your drug testing to a company which knows all the methods of cheating and knows what to bear in mind. Try contacting Occupational Drug Testing today for more information on confidential and accurate drug testing. We can help you make sure your employees can’t cheat, as well as ensure your company remains a drug-free workplace.

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