Industries With The Highest Rate of Drug Use

While anyone can be addicted to drugs and require drug testing, there are some industries which have a higher rate of drug use than others. Take a look at these industries which tend to have the highest usage rate.




Due to the long hours required in healthcare, and the convenient access to drugs, 10-14% of healthcare workers struggle with substance abuse problems. It’s important to keep records of who access medications used for patients also, in case someone is stealing them for themselves.




Salespeople have a 9.6% substance abuse rate. It often can be caused by prolonged hours and extended periods of time away from home, without the financial security of other jobs either. As many salespeople don’t have a central office, they also have no oversight for any substance abuse problems.



Law Enforcement

People in law enforcement are forced to deal with people’s worst moments, which can lead to high rates of depression. It’s no wonder that up to 30% of people in law enforcement are believed to abuse drugs and also require drug testing.




Rural areas already lead to increased rates of drug addiction. When a farmer is also spending long hours doing physical work, it can take a mental toll. As opiates often get prescribed as pain medication for this type of job, it can lead to opioid abuse.




Nearly a third of mining industry workers are estimated to have a problem with drugs. The rural areas, combined with a lack of financial security, can lead to depression for these workers. Too many people choose to self-medicate depression with alcohol or illegal drugs.




Almost 21% of construction employees have used illicit drugs, which is a massive problem due to the heavy equipment and machinery these workers regularly use.




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