Do You Need Return to Duty Drug Testing?

Return to duty drug testing is a vital step in maintaining your business running in a professional, safe manner. This occurs if an employee either fails or refuses a drug test, resulting in them being removed from duty. Before they are allowed to return, they must complete a return to duty drug test. At Occupational Drug Testing, we pride ourselves on adhering to all Department of Transportation (DOT) policies and maintaining a comfortable environment for our clients.

What is a “positive” drug test?

An employee fails a drug test when it comes back positive. This means there was an illegal drug in their system, or they exceeded the legal limit of the substance. A failed status can also occur if the employee refused to take the test, didn’t follow proper procedure, or didn’t provide enough urine without medical explanation. Regardless of the reasons, all of these above situations can result in the employee being removed from duty pending an additional drug test.

What are your next steps?

When a test comes back positive, it is your responsibility as an employer to remove the employee from all safety related duties and to follow your own company’s procedures. You should give the employee substance abuse program (SAP) information. Depending on the circumstances, this could be a DOT requirement. Regardless, the employee must complete return to duty drug testing following the positive results.

At Occupational Drug Testing, all of our staff receives extensive training in following all DOT procedures in a professional manner. We understand the discretion necessary in these situations, and we want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible.

As an employee, it can be hard to temporarily be out of work while battling a substance problem. We hope our services can act as the first step to getting help if necessary. As an employer, we know you want to offer safe services to your clients while maintaining a good reputation in your industry. Whether you’re an employee or employer, our services can help you get back on track. Call 1.800.211.4469 for more information about our return to duty drug testing and other services.


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