Perks of Mobile Drug Testing

Across all industries is one common theme: safety. To be successful, you need to carefully follow all safety policies and procedures. Most importantly, this can prevent injury or accident for both your employees and customers. A big piece of this safety culture is a drug-free environment. Your staff needs to be focused and level-headed at all times. To aid in this, Occupational Drug Testing can provide you with on-site mobile drug testing.

Don’t Interrupt Business

It is a lot to ask of your team to take time away from work to be drug tested. By choosing a mobile drug testing service, our testing center will come to you. Rather than taking time away from work to be tested, you can hire our mobile testing unit to come to you. You can trust that all policies will be followed. You don’t have to sacrifice productivity for safety.

Uniform Results

By providing the service on-site, you eliminate the small differences between testing centers. Requiring each employee to be tested on their own time will result in them using different facilities. This creates a problem if the test results are not standardized, as you’d have different information for each employee. Our on-site mobile drug testing will be performed the same way for each employee, so you know you’re getting all the information you need.


Aside from following all standard procedures, our goal is to always provide a professional, sterile environment for our clients. Whether we’re testing a handful of employees or hundreds, each individual receives treatment in the same professional manner. We guarantee each test receives careful handling and our testers follow procedure according to your company and governmental standards.

Mobile drug testing centers here at ODT will provide you with high-quality service in the comfort of your organization. Most importantly, you don’t need to halt your business for proper drug testing. For more information and availability, call us at 1.800.211.4469.

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