Senators Push for DOT Hair Drug Testing

In April, Occupational Drug Testing reported on the petition to streamline the hair testing process over the urinalysis for truck drivers. This appeal follows the amendment request filed in October 2016 and a push from the Truck Alliance and American Truck Association (ATA) in February 2017 to come to a conclusion on this DOT drug testing transition. Additionally, a letter was sent to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration by seven members of the US House of Representatives which would allow a group of trucking companies to begin using hair testing instead of the standard urine test.

Evidence of this possible change can be traced as far back to December 2015 when the Department of Health and Human Services was requested to create guidelines for hair testing as a method of detecting drugs, but their deadline in December 2016 passed without action. Now, state officials believe failure to meet the deadline has prevented the DOT from allowing federally approved hair testing methods.

According to the ATA, Senator John Boozman (Arkansas), Senator Deb Fischer (Nebraska), Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia), and Senator John Thune (South Dakota) sent a letter to HHS to complete the technical guidelines for this newer testing method. They believe that setting these federal standards will make it easier for DOT employers and other similar professionals to follow federal drug testing regulations.

As a mobile drug testing company, Occupational Drug Testing keeps up with these petitions and amendments to ensure we are offering our clients the most updated drug testing services for their businesses. By providing a variety of services, including critical post-accident drug testing, our professionals can keep our roadways protected from professional drivers who could be a potential risk for safety.

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