Workplace Drug Testing

Save Money – Eliminating drug use effectively reduces the number of worker’s compensation claims, the cost of hiring and training new employees, and the cost of company liability insurance.

Save Time – Drug users are more likely to be poor employees or change employers.

Increase Productivity – Drug free employees tend to work faster, better, and make fewer mistakes. They have fewer absences, and less tardiness.

Drug testing benefits everyone.

Drug Use in the Workplace

The benefits of drug testing at work do not only apply to the employer. The employees benefit from a drug-tested workplace as well.

Drug-tested employees are less likely to be drug-users. Working with drug-users can be a problem. The effects of drug use range from irritability, paranoia, and hallucinations, to tardiness and absenteeism. Employees could be picking up the slack for someone, through no fault of their own. Efficiently drug-tested personnel are less likely to abuse illegal substances, and will therefore be a better co-worker.

Drug-free workplaces are safer. According to the US Department of Labor, a drug-free workplace is a safer workplace. Working in a drug-free environment means less accidents happening around every employee, less mistakes and above all, it means all employees are less at risk. Feeling safer at work, especially in positions involving dangerous worksites, is important.


Drug tested co-workers are likely to be more reliable.

  • If your company is efficiently drug testing employees, those employees are less likely to use/abuse illegal drugs.
  • Those abusing illegal drugs are subject to a multitude of unfortunate side effects.

Based on these findings, one can rightfully conclude the following:

If my company uses drug testing as a personnel improvement/maintenance strategy, my co-workers are less likely to be drug-users. Therefore, my co-workers have less of a chance of making poor decisions which affect my safety, and less of a chance of being irritable, hallucinogenic, and unreliable, among other things.

Drug Testing and Program Management Services

Once you decide that workplace drug testing is right for your company, we can walk you through the process of what it is your company needs, starting with a custom drug testing policy.  See the list below for other options available to help keep your workplace safe.

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