Random Drug Testing

Compliant and Effective Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing is a proven way to deter employee drug use. Whether you are required by DOT to have a federally compliant drug testing program, or you see the value of having a drug free workplace, you’ve come to the right place. DISA- Formerly Occupational Drug Testing, has been managing effective random drug testing programs for more than 15 years.

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, in 2011, there were 19.1 million past month users of marijuana in the U.S. The rate increased from 5.8 percent to 7 percent between 2007 and 2011, bringing the number of users from 14.5 to 18.1 million. About 23% of the U.S workforce reported exposure to a co-worker who used or was impaired by alcohol during the workday and approximately 13% of the workforce reported exposure to a co-worker who used or was impaired by an illicit drug during the workday.

Employees could pass a pre-employment screen, but start using drugs once they are safely hired. The choices these workers make is up to them, but it’s up to you to make them think twice about poor decisions, with random drug testing. It’s convenient and sometimes required, way to maintain the safest, most efficient employees after their initial hire.

If you require a DOT random drug testing program;

We’ll act as your consultant and liaison to ensure your program remains compliant with DOT drug testing regulations. We establish individual random drug testing consortiums for each DOT agency, and we monitor them year-round. If you prefer, we can establish your own company consortium. You will be assigned a program administrator who will work with you to update your employee list, establish the required MIS reports, and answer your program related questions.

We are trusted by more than 1,000 companies to manage their random drug testing programs.

If you want a drug free workplace;

Random drug testing is a great way to help you achieve it. The fact is, you don’t need to test that many people to reduce drug use. Once employees know they are subject to random testing, word will spread quickly. When a couple people are selected for testing, employees will think twice before using drugs.

We’ll work with you to achieve a drug-free workplace as cost-effectively as possible.

How Random Drug Testing Works

Send us a list of your employees who are subject to testing. If you are DOT regulated, let us know what operating agency you fall under and we’ll handle the rest. If you are not federally mandated, let us know how many employees you want to be tested, and how often you want them tested. We use our random selection technology to eliminate bias and provide accurate random selections.


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