Return to Duty Drug Test

DISA- Formerly Occupational Drug Testing knows DOT.

Refusing to be tested or testing positive for a drug test as mandated by DOT’s drug testing regulations requires employees to be removed from performing any duties which are considered to be “safety-sensitive.” To be allowed to return to work for any DOT agency after such violation requires a Return to Duty Drug Test.

DISA- Formerly Occupational Drug Testing, is well aware of the many steps involved in Return to Duty Drug Testing. It is certainly not a simple process, nor should it be. More importantly, DISA knows you can’t afford to be in violation of DOT’s drug testing regulations. Not only is it not safe for your other employees and the livelihood of your business, but it can literally cost you – up to $10,000/day!

The expert supports your business needs.

By partnering with DISA’s professionally trained staff and utilizing our knowledge and resources, you are giving your company access to a high level of expertise and experience that is among the best in the industry. As an expert in our field, DISA guarantees all of the required steps will be followed according to the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) regulations when performing Return to Duty Drug Tests on behalf of our clients.

As mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), beginning on and after August 31, 2009, Direct Observation collections are a requirement for all Return to Duty Drug Testing for DOT employees. Not only does DISA have the trained staff to handle these situations in a professional manner, but we also provide referrals to qualified SAP’s (Substance Abuse Professionals) for Return to Duty and Follow up Drug Testing.

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