Drug Testing Policy Creation

Many companies implement drug and alcohol policies because they have made a decision not to employ individuals who use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol. The policy itself is useful for many reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • To provide clear and consistent guidelines to employees and management as to when and why an employee may be tested for drugs or alcohol.
  • To provide guidelines pertaining to how a positive drug or alcohol test will be handled.
  • To provide clarity regarding what is prohibited.
  • To describe how drug and alcohol tests will be administered.

We have experience developing customized policies for hundreds of companies with unique needs. Differences occur based on the type of employees and work that is completed.

Drug Testing Policy Details

The following information is meant to provide examples of some potential sections of a well created drug and alcohol testing policy. Every company is different, so too are drug testing policies. This page is meant to provide ideas for policy creation.

  • Who is covered by the policy
  • What is prohibited
  • Who will perform the testing
  • When tests are completed
  • What drugs will be tested
  • How testing is completed
  • Who will review test results
  • What happens after a positive test
  • Employee assistance program information
  • Employee acknowledgment

Note to DOT Employees: Understanding Your Employer’s Drug Policy

It is very important to understand your employer’s drug policy as it applies to the Department of Transportation and other federal regulations.

Employers are held accountable for providing employees with contact information in order to seek help from a qualified substance abuse professional.

Your employer, The DOT and all Federal agencies alike, are NOT required to give employees a “second chance” or bear the responsibility for any costs related to SAP evaluations and/or the subsequent treatment required thereafter.

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