Truck Drivers and Hair Testing

Occupational Drug Testing specializes in mobile drug testing services, but our amenities extend past post-accident testing and random drug testing. Companies and organizations across the country are looking for the most effective drug testing options available to keep both employees and pedestrians safe, especially in in the transportation industry.

In October 2016, the Alliance for Driver Safety and Security (the Tucking Alliance) put forth a petition to amend the standards for transportation employment drug testing. Knight Transportation, JB Hunt Transport Services, Duprè Logistics, Maverick Transportation, and two other unaffiliated businesses petitioned the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for the ability to use hair testing instead of urinalysis that complies with pre-employment drug testing required for truck drivers.

The businesses petitioning hope to streamline the hair testing process, which is currently complex and timely. They also hope for regulations to be adjusted that allows professionals to share these results with other transportation companies who receive inquiries or applications for work. Hair testing could become an acceptable alternative that can help identify drivers who have a history of drug or alcohol problems and can be utilized for random drug testing for controlled substances instead of the standard urine sample. This change will allow transportation businesses to use the test they find most effective for their business and provide the best testing possible.

Hair testing is more expensive but has the capability to detect drug use 60-90 days in the past. Though members of Congress and other officials have also recognized the importance of drug-free commercial driving professionals for the safety of all, Health and Human Services (HHS) has yet to release the standards and guidelines for hair testing. In February 2017, the Trucking Alliance submitted detailed comments to the FMCSA in support of the petition and the American Trucking Association submitted a letter to HHS to push for a conclusion on this safety rule.

Our experts will continue to keep up with the changes associated with hair testing for truck drivers and update our customers accordingly. From DOT drug testing to private drug testing, ODT is here to help you make your work environment a safer place for all.

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