Intern Drug Testing

College Student drug testing You want to maintain a safe and productive workplace for your staff and interns. In addition to your staff, your interns have the right to work and learn in an alcohol and drug-free environment. Your entire staff, including paid and unpaid interns, should be able to complete assignments alongside co-workers in a drug-free state of being.


Any employees using alcohol and/or illegal drugs increase the potential for accidents/injuries, absenteeism, poor performance, low morale and even damage to your company’s reputation. Unfortunately, the rate of drug and alcohol use among college students is high.

Much like regular employees, it is critical for interns to understand your company’s rules on drug and alcohol use, and any consequences of violations. This can be achieved through an Internship Program Substance Abuse Testing Policy, and implementing an effective drug and alcohol testing program.

  The best internship drug testing policies include, but are not limited to, answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose/goal of your policy?
  2. Who will be covered by your policy?
  3. When will your policy apply?
  4. What behavior will be prohibited?
  5. Will employees be required to notify you of drug-related convictions?
  6. Will your policy include searches?
  7. What method(s) of drug testing is to be expected?
  8. What will the consequences be if your policy is violated?
  9. How will employee confidentiality be protected?
  10. Who will be responsible for enforcing your policy?
  11. How will your policy be communicated to employees?

Best Practice Suggestions for an Effective Internship Substance Abuse Testing Program:

Implementing an effective drug and alcohol testing program is a proven method of protecting your workplace and staff. Extending that protection to students interning with your company is not only responsible, but commendable. Schools and families are trusting your company to provide education and experience in a safe environment. Furthermore, you are trusting the student with your company reputation.

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