Utilities Industry Drug Testing

Companies within the utilities industry provide natural gas, electric power, steam supply, water supply, and sewage removal through an impressive infrastructure of lines, mains, and pipes throughout the country. The men and women working for these companies are responsible for the development and maintenance of this permanent system, which we all rely on every day. Not only is a clear, drug-free mind necessary for effective job performance, but in this line of work, safety is critical.

Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Utilities Industry

Employees in the utilities industry are responsible for a multitude of safety-sensitive tasks. One could be making decisions as a Control Room Operator, carefully leading a group as a Dispatcher, fixing electrical wires high above the ground as a Lineman, using harsh chemicals/high-pressured water for fracking, or handling dangerous tools as an Explosives Technician.

Dangers facing utility workers such as well drillers, plant operators, drivers, linemen, journeymen, crane operators, field technicians and others:

• Extreme temperatures

• Falling from heights

• Slips and falls

• Electrocution

• Radioactive material exposure

• Dangerous chemical exposure

• Extremely loud noises

• Harmful gases


Mobile on-location drug and alcohol testing is a convenient way to randomly test employees in these positions, or test for reasonable suspicion and/or after accidents. The dangers affiliated with these positions are already daunting. Substance use will only make it worse.

Another solution for a drug-free company is pre-employment drug testing. This type of employee drug testing is an easy way to filter out undesirable potential employees.


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